Facer Creator 5.1.16 is now live! (Fixed width text fields!)

Hi everyone!

We’ve just released version 5.1.16 of the Facer Creator. Along with some bug fixes, we have a great new feature we’re making available too: Fixed Width Text Elements. Although it may not sound very flashy, this is a very useful feature that will give you much more control over your layouts. Here’s an example:

Let’s say we have a design where we want to show the 5-day forecast in a specific section of our design. Information like weather condition text can vary in length from moment-to-moment, so we need to way to handle those situations where the text is very long and may go out of the bounds of our design. Here’s what that would look like without fixed width text elements:

Now, with the new “Fixed Width” option for text elements, we can specify a width for the text element and Facer will format the content automatically so that it stays within those bounds, like so:

You can access this option on text elements in the advanced settings panel.

We hope you enjoy using it, & if you’re in the US, happy 4th of July!
~The Facer Team~



Great feature! Thanks!

Great idea, but somehow all my faces are now showing dots for almost every text I have…
Weather (24° and S…), time (17:25:…)…
I don’t see a different option in advanced settings, where is it ?
Thanks in advance

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There is indeed this setting for texts, but I have the issue with almost everything else…
Does anyone is facing (pun intended) the same ?

Ok so I found the solution :slight_smile:
Apparently, my elements were “old”, because when I created new ones, to put the same infos as the previous ones, I was able to manually “drag” the width, and the display is now fixed on my watch :slight_smile:
If anyone is looking for this kind of trouble, I hope they will find my comment !


Love the continued attention and improvements to the Facer Creator!

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@brian.mathy.it Does the ellipsis only show up when you add a new layer? Or was it also showing up on layers you had added before this latest update?

Nice idea - is there any way within this to automatically resize the text so that it always fits without the dots? So for example if you have the date that you want to always fit in a certain width, it’ll resize the text so “Monday May 2” has slightly larger text than “Wednesday 22 November”…

Indeed, it only showed on my oldest models, on old layers :slight_smile: When I remade them with new layers, the problem was gone because I was able to set manually a larger width than the info displayed

Hi, I have a problem. My devices stopped communicating, I tried everything but it was not possible. I can’t sync to the phone or desktop application.
GS8 and Tizen GW.
Need your help, plz.

Update :
I found a solution. Thanks anyway.


I Have the same problem. What did you find? In my desktop application says it is an Armany watch insteed of a Fossil Gen 5. How could I change that?

Hi Carlos, try changing this option in the Facer application, > Setting and > select the watch are you wearing. Regards

Hi nice work, but do you work also on other Solutions? Here two ideas from my side:

  • It would be helpful that the text field can automaticly resize the text.
  • If the text is to long, the text will scroll through the field.

Thanks for your help.I can’t find the “setting” on my desktop app. Maybe is because is not the premium?

Hi Carlos, is on the phone app, no desktop app


The only options shows up are:
FAQ & Trouble shooting

Reconnect Watch

Device Type

I did reconnect watch several times.
It’s syncing with my phone but not fron my Mac where are my created ones.

Auto-scroll feature will be awesome. It is currently possible through programming though.