Facer Creator 5.1.7 is now live (New Progress widget!)

Hi all!

We’re super excited to announce the release of Facer Creator 5.1.7 with a new widget: the Progress widget! These types of effects have been mostly possible with the Creator, however they require lots of image layers and expression that are hard to manage. Now, the new Progress widget makes it very easy to add this effect to any watch face.

Features include:

  • 2 styles: Circular & Bar
  • Fill & BG opacity control
  • Themeability
  • A new, dynamic ‘Fill Ratio’ field with 8 preset options that can be used out of the box
  • A new shape type called “Arc”, which is what is used under the hood to create this widget

Here are some demos of what can be created:

We’re looking forward to seeing what you guys create with it!
~The Facer Team


Thanks for your work.

Will this also be available in the web version?

Well done, it will be useful to create more technological faces :slight_smile:

@contactme001 yep, this is also available on the web version of the Facer Creator. Enjoy!


Did this ( change Facer Creator (web) loading, for images?

I just loaded a 640x640 .png file, and it re-sized to 213.33333333333334 x 213.33333333333334 pixels.

But, would previously have sized to ‘full face’ of 320 x 320 …

This is going to cause major grief for using any already correctly-sized elements.

UPDATE: Resolved in

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Great work!

Awesome! This will save lots of work, I already have use cases planned for these.
Thanks for the hard work dev team.

THNX guys! Awesome job!!! Keep it up!


Great job, guys!!

hi, the arc is not complete.
it has only:
x y rotation transparency

miss also to make a complete arc (360°)
or what we need, example: 180°, 200°, etc.

need to have size and other things.

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this is mine:

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These are my progress widget designs, it works well.
The “Arc” shape is not fully customizable, like, inner and outside radius.


Thank you for this. It’s a lot of fun :slight_smile:

It is. :slight_smile:

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@Facer_Official I’m wondering about the new “Arc” shape as well. It is not configurable like the full progress bar. Was this a slip up to include in the ‘Shapes’ element tab?

Also will there ever be a feature added to the ‘Shape’ to add in the option to align them like with images? I submitted a feature request for this a while back. Having this:

in the settings area would be awesome.

this is mine:

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simonrusso26, I like the overall concept. I do have one minor change I want to propose on your date format. I feel it is disconnected. The day of the week is relatable to the day of the month, and the month is not relatable to the day of the week. I would recommend placing the day of the week first, which will allow the day and then the month, thus maintaining a familiar date format. Makes for a more logical flow. IE: It is Friday, 17 May, as a user would read.