Facer Creator and Facer Community laggy?

Is there, beside the Facer Creator, a problem with the facer community at the moment? Or with the servers in general?

I can´t work with Creator and write postings in the community at the moment because the webside often stops after some words.

Does anyone have the same issues?



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Community works fine for me. The Creator was terrible earlier in the week, but is steadily improving.

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Yes, problems with Creator for most of week.

Today, also affecting forums …

Sometimes when I’m trying to type in the community it slows down so much that I each letter I type takes 5 seconds to actually show up. It’s not been like that for me at all today or yesterday though. It seems pretty random as to when It happens but I get that on my PC, Tablet, and Phone.

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The app is bugging out for me too now… really hard to even see the face previews

My problem at the moment is, that i am working on my most complex watch face ever and hardly can go on under this conditions… :frowning:

Even moving a single layer is some sort of drama…

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I now this from complicated multi-layer watch faces very good… I do always first uploading everything needed for the engine and effects… After having a working “project” I do add hands, shadows, background, multiple layers, etc.

Vary painful is if I do need to change something afterwards…

@Tomas Yes, maybe i should change my workflow a little bit.

The new one has over 100 layers with big display, 8 different full working subdials, UTC hand and worldtimer bezel.

Btw: i adapted a full working stopwatch as well with only two buttons, depending on your „dirty“ tricks… :slight_smile:

Just finished the watchface and now i will make a fully description before publishing…

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…stopwatch was an algorithm masterpiece - however not a big hit at my followers…

apropos followers - BIG congrats to your 1000 (!)

the description pictures take a while, but I do think that they are important especially at complicated watch faces…

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Thank you very much!

Yes, the description is important on this one, Luke. :wink:

When I work with high layer faces I have to use my desktop. It’s a monster so it handes it much better than my surface pro. Still can be laggy at times. I feel like some big creator updates are coming in the (hopefully) near future. There’s some incredible suggestions in the feature request section.

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Community works fine…as for creator…I’m on hold till the face staff gets back to me…they’re working on fixing the disappearing faces on my account…?maybe they have it running in full blown debug mode which as you know would slow things down