Facer creator.....can i use on a tablet

Can you use facer creator on a tablet,i want to be mobile sometimes making watch faces.Thanks

I use a Samsung Galaxy Tablet (with pencil) with the browser google chrome. Its not so smooth like with the desktop PC but you can use it.

ahh cool,cheers man,i went into currys today and loaded it on the screens,looked ok.

Yes you can, is not as easy like it has been said, especially be sure to work very organized, cause you cannot change the layer location (at least not in iOS) I work from my iPad until I’m on need to generate some resources, such as hour needles or the base watch design, which you can use a graphic editor… to create some resources, you can use lunapic.com to generate transparency images…

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I use ipad. With two app, Photoshop Fix and Mix. Work like pro.

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I’ve gone back to using watchmaker premium ,its available for samsung and apple now so its great using it on me phone,apple 7 plus and sensing gear s3 frontier,its great…thanks for getting back to me.