Facer Creator extreme slow!

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Facer Creator extremly slow!!

I don´t know what happens today on your servers, but i can´t work anymore on the web-based Facer creator.

Even in chrome it´s working so slow that it takes 5! minutes to simply move the position of a layer-object.

My internet connection is very fast.

Please could you fix this issue?


Phantasico aka GAUSS

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Hi @GAUSS - Sorry about this! Could you post a link to the face you’re seeing this issue with? We’ll take a look.

It´s the actual face i am working on…


I know that there are a lot of layers in this watch face but i never had this issues before.

Same issue, when accessing from Australia (over last 3-4 days).

My Internet is fast enough, but access to Facer Creator has at times included 3+ minute pauses and complete halts …\

(See my own ‘Support’ entry, with NO response from Facer Staff.)


Yes! It has been extremely slow in Australia…

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Yep, can confirm that hitting ‘undo’ takes forever to make a change and I have been getting crashes in Creator over the last 3 days

@GAUSS @andrew.dowden @roycaruso @richgrayson92 Hi guys - We’ve released a new version of the creator this morning. Let us know if you’re still seeing issues, but there should be a noticeable improvement on load times and layer editing (e.g. layer undo/redo/add/delete). As always, thanks for your patience!

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Just tried the new version of Facer Creator!

You guys made a great job! Running perfect for me - even with a ton of layers!

Thank you for the improvement and for reacting that fast!


Phantasico aka GAUSS

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Do you mean version

It took a few seconds to initially load my current design (‘skeleton with working gears’, take 2), but now appears a lot faster …

Will let you know more later.

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My actual facer Creator version is …

Yep that did the trick, great work guys!

Thanks @GAUSS

Saved my work, logged out and back in, and I am now on

The earlier version ( .7.7) was about a 60% improvement. That could still be the issue (? with peering or DDoS, etc.) we have been having in Australia.


It has steadily improved over last 6 hours, with period of relatively normal performance …