Facer Creator Failed to sync twice, 2 HOURS LOST

Tonight I used Facer Creator at facer.io to create a face, after an hour of work the first time I decided I wanted to sync the face so I could see how it was looking before proceeding. I clicked the “sync it” button on the top right hand side of the creator and got a “spinning progress wheel”. Ok,I thought, cool…but not cool. 45 mins later the progress wheel is still spinning, so I give it another 30 mins because I dont want to lose my work and still nothing. I clicked the reload page button in my browser after waiting FOREVER and meltdown…I’m brought back to the blank template, no thanks, not tonight at least.
Anyone else had this happen to them?

hey @gsxrspankya1,
The Creator works very well. It is a mature environment and has been through several revision improvements. Unfortunately the Creator, and all cloud-based SaaS apps for that matter, are at the mercy of your connection to the Internet.

For me, I usually save every time I add a new object or nail a working formula. Or at least every 5-10 minutes or so. I do a lot of my face work on my morning and evening train commute (about 75 minutes). I dont have wi-fi on the train, so I tether my laptop to my phone during my ride. In some parts of the ride, the cellular coverage is terrible and entering Manhattan also means crossing the East River underground.

So my only advice - try to save more often.


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