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Facer creator for Android

I just got a Samsung Galaxy A21 5G FE and I’d like to see a facer creator for Android phones.

I got the S21 5G FE recently: did you get a free Watch with yours, or maybe the Galaxy Buds?

No, I bought the watch sometime the year before last year. I’m on a relative’s family plan through AT&T. I have the Samsung Galaxy 3 watch.

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Ah, you’re in the US I’m guessing then, there’s different offers over here in the UK.

People already shy away from the Facer Creator app for Windows and just use it in a browser.
Also my Windows laptop has a smaller display than my sesktop and is cramped. I can’t imagine trying to create on a phone screen.

An Androib tablet maybe but the browser should work just as well for that.

I’m just trying to see a valid use case for a dedicated Android Creator app. If it can be made I will add my vote.

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Sorry, am I missing the correct topic here? I thought it was a Facer Creator for Android Phones to actually create Faces/Themes for the Phone :thinking:

Looks like back in 2014 the creator was only on Android and… it does not look like it was pleasant to use: Create custom watch faces with Facer for Android Wear - YouTube

Even with interface improvement sunce then I don’t believe a phone has the screen real estate to make for comfortable usage. If you have a tablet with a large enough screen then using it in a browser will work as well as a native app if not better. You can always full screen it for a native feel.

The advantage of a browser based creator is that there is just one code base to maintain across all platforms reducing the work needed to maintain and improve the product.
I am pretty certain the native Windows app is just an executable wrapper for the web content version.

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