Facer Creator Glitch?

Hello, although my watch face is working fine on the web creator, the behavior on the watch is unpredictable.
Watch Face Below:

The “0” graphic was set to appear only when #Db#=0, but did not work on the watch as it was working in the Facer Creator. Originally, the graphic didn’t appear on the watch at all, leaving the “0” completely blank. ($#Db#=0?100:0$)

As a work around, currently I have the “0” graphic set as permanently visible, since all of the other numbers would just over write it. However, the Dim mode graphics have transparent backgrounds and the “0” can not be left permanent. As a work-around, I created a black rectangular object that would be visible when #Db# is not equal to 0 ($#Db#=0?0:100$)

While the regular mode works correctly, the Dim mode continues to have problems with the “0” on the watch (It all works fine on the Facer Creator site.). Any ideas?


Does this face have a “24 hour” option? If not then you could try #Dh# and see if that helps? I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work on the watch. It works fine in this preview.

That’s the frustrating part. It seems to work fine online, but on the watch, or the preview on the phone it doesn’t. It does have 24hr option. I’ll try the other tag. Thanks.