Facer Creator - Image is low res? Help please!

Hi all! I’m using a really good high res image as a background for a watch design but it’s going onto the watch really blurry and low res, I’ve tried a few times making the image a lot smaller, and also lower quality, but it still looks like total butt on the watch! I’d love some insight please, new to this today. Thanks a lot!

Bonjour, peut on voir votre image ?


I don’t think that the problem is necessarily down to the image you’re using, I think it’s more likely down to the smart watch display resolution instead. If the image you’re using is high quality, there is no reason it shouldn’t display well. I would suggest asking someone you know to download the watch face on a compatible smart watch and compare how they look, it’s probably the simplest way to find out. I hope this helps?!

Hi there here’s the image :slight_smile: I’ve made it a little better but it’s still a bit blurry on the watch…

Thanks very much I’ll try that! I appreciate the reply!

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@aimeelbooth Try exporting your Images with a pixel size devisable by 320. I send some stuff to the watch at 2400x2400. It is no more blurry than the watch resolution. Obviously that does not devide exactlbut it is not going to be a conversion with a lot of decimal places. I am sure someone who knows more will join in. It is a popular subject : )