Facer Creator Killed my Desktop

I like the way the “Spruce Goose” face by Harp0crate changes twice a day, but since there seems to be no way to contact the creator, I clicked on the “See How It Works” to see if it might be possible to have it change at sunrise/sunset (or thereabout) instead of noon/midnight.

The Facer Creator web page opened up, showed an image of the Spruce Goose watch face and then locked my computer up. Hard. Even Ctrl-Alt-Del didn’t work. No mouse cursor, no keyboard, sound stopped playing. Dead. I was forced to cycle power to recover.

Additional info: Windows 7 Pro x64 with all available updates from Microsoft and Google Chrome web browser, also with all available updates installed.

I’ve also used the Creator page to look at a couple other faces yesterday and, although it was slow as molasses in the Arctic, there were no other issues. If there is anything else I could answer to help make this tool usable, please let me know.

How much RAM do you have?

When I try to open some of my more complex faces on a different machine with less than 2 GB of RAM it also sometimes stops, or crashes.

16GB and 2 processor chips with 4 core, each.

Can you give us a direct link to that face?

Sure, I can do the search for you…here you go: Spruce Goose watch face by Harp0crate

I don’t get the same result.
I can go into its inspector mode with no problem.

Can someone else verify it?

works on our side too, but we’ll have our test team dig a bit deeper. Thanks guys!

Hi @nurbles62! We tried this particular face on a similar setup and didn’t have any issues. Could you:

  • Share the exact specs of your computer?
  • See if it works better on another browser?
  • Let us know if it happens on any other face than the one you linked?