Facer Creator Pro - activation

FYI @Facer-Staff & @Facer_Official

I have upgraded to ‘Facer Creator Pro’, to try out NEW features.

Profile, and various icons, show me now as ‘Facer Premium’ user. :sunglasses:

But, even are logging out and back in (more than once), Facer editor still shows ‘Upgrade’ and blocks access to new features / capabilities (sending me to ‘Upgrade’ page). :cry:

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Oh. Have you tried to contact @Facer-Staff or @Facer_Official about this issue?

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Hey @andrew.dowden!

Facer Premium and Facer Creator Pro are two distinct products:

  • Facer Premium: intended for users who want access to all watch faces without having to purchase them individually. This is geared towards “consumers”.
  • Facer Creator Pro: intended for designers who want to create watch faces with all the advanced features like app launchers, interactivity, themes, etc. This plan geared towards designers. Note that you do not need Facer Premium to enjoy the faces you create for yourself with Facer Creator Pro.

If you think you purchased the wrong thing and are within the free trial period, I’d recommend canceling. If you passed the trial period, shoot us an email at facer-support@little-labs.com and we’ll get you a refund.


Better explanation is required …

I applied (and paid) for ‘Facer Creator Pro’, but still do NOT have access to those features.

I am now a ‘Facer Premium’ user, but did NOT apply (or pay) for this.

So I assumed that they were somehow entwined.

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Gotcha - sounds like a bug then! Can you send us an email with this info at facer-support@little-labs.com? I’ll have somebody look into this with you and rectify your account ASAP.

Resolved, after following advice from support.