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Facer Creator PRO New Design choices limited to 8?

I am trying to design for Apple Watch series 7.
In Facer Creator Pro (Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more),
I click on NEW DESIGN and select Apple Watch.
There are 8 pre loaded layouts to choose from (Photos, X-Large, etc…)
I want to start from scratch and not be constrained by those 8.

I’m SURE it’s a simple thing I’m missing but I can’t figure out the HOW.



That’s a limitation imposed by Apple-- and a severe limitation at that.
It’s only with non-fruit watches that you have complete control.


Ugh, thanks, SO disappointing.


Welcome @d111 . Some manage to Make some stunning stuff for Apple Watches within the Template restrictions . Bear two things in mind . The modular Duo Template is for Apple 7 only . The data on an apple watch that Facer can use is updated on a 15 Minute cycle. So stuff like Animation is out . Seconds and Minutes .ETC . On thing it is relatively easy to get a Face into the Fresh Faces Free top 100 . It is excellent for your Sync Count .

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