Facer Creator slow / unstable

Not usable at moment, from Australia.

Too slow to react for mouse movements for select, drag/drop, and randomly deleting / moving other elements … Any changes made are not always saved.

UNUSABLE, and has been most of last 24 hours.

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Can confirm that Australian Creator has been wonky today.

Is ‘wonky’ suitably clear to non-Aussie/Kiwi’ audience?

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Haha not sure (maybe it’s British too?) - I’ll rephrase to say that it has been unstable/ unreliable today. Working a lot better for me now though!

It was particularly slow earlier today, and mangled one of my designs. I finally realised that the expressions that I was using did NOT match the draft versions in a separate text file. They were still giving results, which means they were likely an older version of the content …

Then I tried again (just before I posted), when it seemed faster / more reactive. It just made things a whole lot worse more efficiently.

So … Be careful out there.

Its currently so slow …

… I can see actual bugs in the UI and edit logic … there at least two places with undefined values being used … after layer shift or edit … with an actual pattern of wrong behaviour.


  • Do they (@Facer_Staff) have debugging turned on?

  • Are all of those premium designers putting moon-phase, hour-tick, custom colours, and other ‘refinements’ in nearly every single field of their new designs?

This is a strong argument in favour of #VAR-my-formulae# and other improvements which would easily reduce combined CPU and RAM usage by 95%.