Facer Creator - Some Elements not working for me...?

Hello everyone!
You guys have some fantastic Talent!!

So I have some questions about using Facer Creator. I’ve just started making Watch Faces for my Galaxy Watch 3 and I’ve noticed a few Elements I can’t seem to get working, perhaps I missed something? But for example, the weather one Just shows up with the same icon regardless of the weather, and the temperature does not display, I get “–F” odd huh? However other creators’ faces work great! I see even more information than I can find Elements for, an example is 'Miles Walked" and others. I just don’t see them.

Another question, I know the Tizen resolution is 360 X 360 by something like 246 ppi but what resolution should I be working in? I noticed some people have extreme detail in their faces and I am curious what watch this can be seen!??

Ok so I started reading up on the TAGs now. So I guess the default weather stuff just does not work currently or perhaps is not compatible with Tizen? So I could basically make my own by using TAGs in the original weather Elements TAGs?


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I can only make a guess…, but the weather is dependent on the location, so either your watch is on a WiFi with access to the Internet, or what I do is connect my watch to my phone via personal hotspot (easier, than having to enter WiFi details on the watch).

Miles walked does not exist as a Tag, you need to calculate it using the steps, but it actually depends on how long your strides are. I used the factor 0.762 for steps to meters, and 1.25 for steps to feet, but that is just an average. The formula I used: $#UNITSYS#=IMPERIAL?round(#ZSC#*1.25):round(#ZSC#*0.762)$

About the ppi, not sure, I don’t know. And for your Tizen, sorry, don’t know either…

btw. you can check my K.I.S faces, they are all open for inspection…


Welcome @wolfkazack . So just what @tom.vannes said and more.
Your Debut Face is Nice.
I have Galaxy Active. I find most woks well except the stuff thst is missing from my watch. Compass ETC.
The weather is a bit sticky at best and you may have noticed thier Icons are wrong noteably the mist one. I think facer assume someone who is serious will put thier own in. Next there is diong a forecast. In that case you will have to make the 9 layers and put the code in yourself. Hey Ho.
Some Download Open Westher wich is where Facer gets the local weather from.
Note Current weather and Forcast 1 are the same Day . So the forcast for tomorrow is the second one. If you are serious sbout the weather one of us will always be happy to Test stuff for you.
You need a good connection between your watch and Host Phone via Bluetooth for the data to be transfered you need s Good WiFi or Data connection to the Internet also.
Switch on every permision you can find to do with your watch and its associated apps on your phone. Samsung Health Etc.

I was working on 2400x2400 i found it did not realky help that much. I am working at 1280x1280 72 dpi. It seems to be as good and the file size is 1/4. As you say it is all scaled on Facer. Unless of corse it is an Apple face then you bes work as is.

I hope that covers some if that bit.
I am traveling at the moment so only on my phone.

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Great thanks guys! I understand now about the weather, which is no big deal for me as the Galaxy 3 watch has a wide that sits one swipe away to get all the details I need. I was just curious if this was the only way some watches may get that info and if it was even important enough to display on the Main face display so I’m not worried about that. However, the distance traveled I do like so I am certainly going to implement that. Thank you!

The screen resolution is interesting. I wonder what all brands and watches support the Facer Creator faces. I will have to look some of that up and see which device has the highest resolution and go with that then I guess? 1280 X 1280 seems reasonable.

hmmm. I’ll go do some more reading and playing with a new face I’m working on but not sure I like it as I was using small text which I see others using but I just can not see those stats on such a small screen. Such gorgeous works of art I feel a bit bad unable to see those tiny stat numbers even with my reading glasses on.

Thanks guys!! I will have a look at your works and start back working on my 2nd face display.
I am curious however if once you get the premium membership are you then able to charge a fee for your faces? I also see several other Elements unlock which is cool too.

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@wolfkazack You are making your way into Facer very well. You have ti be invited by Face to become a Partner before you get paid for your efforts. I guess it is an anual bonus payment. You have to be able to Accumulate 5000 syncs on one Face in on month having paid the subscription for premium a non specified amount of time. There are Documents on the subject but I am on Public Transport at the moment.
For now Enjoy the Ride.

Oh wow!! hehe wow!

Thanks Rusty!

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Welcome @wolfkazack
What I have noticed so far in Facer Creator is that anything below 640x640 is scaled down 50% and can potentionally become smaller than the 320x320 working area.
Anything above 640x640 is scaled down to the 320x320 working area.

I make my graphics in Photoshop at a resolution of 2000x2000. The reasons for this are:

  • if watch screens get higher resolutions, and Facer will use something other than 320x320, you can simply re-use the same images to rebuild your watch faces.
  • if I want to make promotional images for social media, I have high res images available

I do export to 640x640 before loading into Facer. When letting Facer do the full scaling, the details don’t seem that well preserved as when using Photoshop to scale down fist.

Just my 2 cents…


ThaMattie, yes indeed always best to have a higher resolution for just those purposes. I also agree that some programs are certainly better at down or up rasterizing pixels than others.

I’ve not been compiling all my graphics into one file really. I should practice doing that. On my first watch, I just made the elements quickly in Illustrator one at a time, then brought each part into photoshop one by one, and then placed them into Facer after photoshop rasterized them. I never really saved a compiled-to-scale final rendition. I need to get in the habit of doing that again. =)

Oh! But wouldn’t it be great if we could use Vector Artwork!? Assuming that Facer or rather the watch’s CPU could do it on the fly. Meaning it did all the work rasterizing the vector art. This way it could scale automatically to any size screen that a company put out. This would stop that problem in the future.

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I use smart layers and layer comps in Photoshop to keep everything in 1 file and easy to switch between active/dim/lume graphics.

And yes, vectors would be cool, svg support or something, but doubt it will happen :stuck_out_tongue:

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