Facer Creator - Sync to IOS-paired watch

I’m developing new faces with Facer Creator (both online and desktop for Mac) and would like to sync the developing face to my own watch for testing before publishing.

However, I can’t find any way to sync a developing face to my Gear S3 watch that is paired to an iPhone since the iPhone Facer App doesn’t have any connection to my Facer account.

Is it possible to accomplish this? I can deliver the face to my watch by publishing the face, but would prefer not to publish a face until it’s fully tested.

Second question…
Is it possible to determine the size of a face project before publishing? I’m including some graphics that I’d like to confirm are not too large to be practical.

Thanks for a great product!

I have the same problem.
I do too have an iphone, i can sync watches from the iphone facer app, but i can’t sync from the Facer creator program or the web creator… :frowning:
I have a Fossel Q explorist gen 3

Same problem: I can’t sent my drafts to my watch (Gear S3) from web (facer.io, tested in Safari, Chrome and Firefox) or the Mac desktop application. From the phone (iPhone) to the watch works fine, but I can’t see my drafts in the phone-app. Any suggestion?

I had an idea to create the draft on the web or desktop app. Then, open the web creator on my iphone to click the “send to watch” function. I can see my drafts on the iphone browser. Unfortunately, the creator web page is a fixed size and I’m unable to scroll to the right of the screen where the “send to watch” function appears. I’m feeling cautiously confident that if I could access that button, it would send the draft to my Gear S3 paired to that phone. I’m checking to see if any other IOS browsers will work. So far, no luck with Safari or Chrome on the iphone. The only option is to publish the draft to install to my watch. That’s not a good idea in the spirit of maintaining the quality of work in the public Facer library.

I tried that already, with the phone in landscape. But it didn’t work.

Ugh. I also saw an Apple community member that provided a JavaScript command line to type into Safari to zoom out the window. The code failed. I might look into that further.