Facer Creator Tutorials

Hi all,

A number of the designers in the Facer community have contributed amazing tutorials to help you create even better watch faces. You can see all tutorials at https://news.facer.io/tutorials/home.

The tutorials already include:

  • Animation effects
  • Advanced Weather indicators
  • Circular indicators
  • And more!

We always welcome new contributions to the Tutorial section - if you’d like to share some your knowledge with the rest of the Facer community, just sign up for a Medium account, and write your tutorial there. Make sure to follow our standard format:

  1. Tutorial banner at the top of the article using this template
  2. Intro paragraph explaining what the tutorial will cover
  3. Include your watch face as an embed in the article so that readers can see immediately the watch face in action
  4. Format all tags, expressions, formulas using Medium’s “code” format

When you’re done, please share a link to your tutorial in the comment section of this post. We’ll review the submissions and will publish them in our official tutorial section if they satisfy our quality requirements. All tutorials are credited to their authors and can help your own designs gain visibility in the Facer community.

Thanks a lot to @Tomas, @eradicator09, and @Lukasz for contributing the first few tutorials!

Happy facing!


I’ve been asked several times how to create chronograph style watch faces.

This is the tutorial I have created (not published yet):


If you think it worth adding to the tutorial, do let me know.


It’s always worth adding a tutorial. You made it, why not publish it?

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Tutorials are to be created with Medium and so awaiting guidance from @Facer_Official if they would add it to the Facer tutorials…

If not, I may add it to the community without the Facer Academy banner…

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I declined signing into Medium to have a look at it ( sign into these things and use them once ). I would love to see your Tutorial . But I suppose the limit of 5 Images a bit of a pain and in Medium you could have gifs and mp4 for illustration .