Facer Creator - Ummm HOW?

Hello everyone :wave:

Firstly I would like to say how amazing Facer is. I’ve had my Gear S3 for about 2 weeks and have loved changing the face for Facer ones, they are beautiful.

But the time has come for me to create my own and I am really struggling!?!

I am trying to create a face made from my Lexus IS200 dash cluster and have used Photoshop to cut out the speedo needle to create the hands but when trying to put them into the creator I can not get them to line up on the center point, amongst other problems!!

If anyone could help me with some guidance that would be great, or better still help by designing it with the option for me to then be able to break it down and play with it to learn how it works.

Hope to hear from you guys soon, Glenn

Glenn can you post the link to your draft watch with Inspection on? then we can take a look


Thank you for the reply, here is a link to which will hopefully be what you need

It is literally just the beginning. I have a pic of the smaller needle which I wanted to use on the smaller dials for battery and maybe steps and floors etc???

Hey Glenn,
I’ll start somewhere between “What’s a Creator?” and “Squarewave transparency” (lol). If I say something you already know just ignore… I dont know what your graphics tool is (I use PhotoShop) so I’ll just describe in concept. Hands for the most part rotate from the center like a propeller blade. If you’re making your own hands, you have to account for this equal dead space at the heel-end of the pointer. Let’s look at your minute hand. My pixel dimensions are probably not the same as yours, but my numbers are just to describe the scenario. Here is your hand now. I’ll cut off the unneeded air at the top.

OK Let’s look at the width first:
As I said hands rotate from the center so you hand MUST BE DEAD CENTER form left to right. Seriously, the centerlines on hands are probably the most important attribute. You can crop the image however you like, but the space to the left and right of the vertical centerline must be exact in pixels.

Next is the height and for that you need to know exactly where you want the hand to pivot from. This will mark the dead-center of the hand graphic. You need to measure in pixels the exact height from the center point up to the tip of the hand.

Lastly, remove the background and save as a transparent PNG file. Then the hand will rotate correctly in the Creator.

Thank you so much for the reply.

Yes, after much working out, I figured out the format I needed and how to account for the hand needing to rotate from the middle.

So it’s getting there!

But what I am confused with is that some faces on Facer have several analogue dials but in creator you can only have the main dial??? I wanted to have each of the smaller dials doing something, is this possible???

Hi glennhaimes

It is absolutely possible. Multiple dials require multiple centre points, one for each dial. Then scale the hands to fit in the size of the dials.

See this example of only using smaller dials. I’ve enabled inspection so you can see how it’s done.