Facer Creator Web Site vs. Facer Creator Windows App (Difference in Output)

Today I found out, that there is a difference between using the Web Site Facer Creator (pictures at the left) and the Windows App (right) in output graphic quality - even if you use exactly the same components (picture files in PNG format). I duplicated one watch face design and modified it in the (almost) same way ones at the web site and ones in the windows app. It surprised me a lot when I got two (slightly) different watch faces at the end.

Here is, how does it look like in creator (one print screen; left is the web site watch face):

The same difference print screened from the facer.io:

And difference at the watch (left is the watch face created at the web site):

So, if you could choose, go for the Web Site Facer Creator version :wink: You will get better picture quality and the web version is also much faster (at least on my computer).

Here is the published watch face in original - please do not click at “Sun” icon twice without :sunglasses: :