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Hi Facer community! I’m a Facer watchface designer and I’m kinda still new. But I wanted to ask designers who’ve been around for a while. I don’t get any response from Facer if I ask them anything or if I have something to say. Not through email, not on Instagram, etc. They won’t reply to my emails. Nor do they repost my posts on Instagram. I’m confused, wondering if I’ve done something wrong.

How is your experience with Facer and how do you communicate with them?

Well, it depends… (but i didn‘t find out yet on what). Sometimes they answer real quick, sometimes it takes some time, sometimes the request is lost in space. I think at the moment it‘s normal that everything takes a lot of more time. We face a world wide pandemia …

Hey Gauss! Thanks for your reply.

I just want to add that I’m not talking about only recently. It has been my experience since I joined in August 2019. It’s just getting worse now. A couple of email questions I sent have ticket numbers from months ago.

Anyway, I just wanted to know if others have the same experience. And if one can actually speak with someone from the Facer team.

my experience has been the same. I used the website base help request once at the end of January and never heard back besides the initial auto-bot response. Emails have either taken weeks or not at all to get a response. The only time I got a quick response was once when their bots took down a face as soon as I published it, I wrote immediately and within a few hours they fixed it and restored the face. I should say though that they did eventually take action on an issue I brought to their attention on two different occasions. I suppose it’s probably just a very small staff.

Actually you are right. They did respond quickly when the same happened to me. I had mentioned that the watchface will go well with certain smartwatches.

Same here; Facer responded within a week when they took down one of my Faces because I mentioned that the face had problems on Fossil watches which I attempted to work around .
Ironically Facer still have not responded to my bug report regarding those very problems…

So you might get lucky, but several of my support requests have been ignored.
So now I don’t bother.
I play with face designs on Facer for my own amusement in my free time. If something works, it works. If not I try to workaround the issue or just let it be.

I only use the free Facer services, so I guess I get the support I pay for, but while this is the case, it is unlikely that I will subscribe to any paid Facer service… Catch 22!

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