Facer doesn't work after update Galaxy Watch

I’ve got a problem.
Before I updated my Samsung Galaxy Watch, I was satisfied with facer.
After the update I can’t send any watchface to my Watch. I’ve tried reinstalling the app, reinstalling the app on my iPhone.
It doesn’t matter what I do but I won’t receive the watchface on my Watch.

What is wrong what I am doing?

Hi @tjalla2210! Sorry to hear you’re having issues since the update. Are you using an iPhone or an Android phone?

I’m using iPhone X.
After the update of samsung Watch I have the problem.
The latest iPhone app version is 5.0.1

Thanks! We’re aware of the issue and currently in discussion with Samsung to resolve it. It’s indeed related to a bug in Tizen that Samsung recently released on Galaxy/Gear watches.


Hopefully the solution is soon there.

Thanks for your reply.

I’m using LG G6 and have the same issue.
Any update?