Facer draining battery?

I recently switched from a Huawei Watch 2 to a Misfit Vapor 2. On the Huawei I ran Facer with (I think) everything enabled, and my battery went down about 3-4% an hour. But the Vapor goes down about 7% an hour, and I can’t figure out why.

The battery detail in the Wear app doesn’t show anything using a high percentage of battery. The data usage screen shows Facer using the most data, which surprises me. Is there some issue with Facer and the Vapor 2? I’ve had the watch for about 10 days.

Hi @JDBreeze1!

Thanks for your feedback. Parts of our team are currently focused on battery optimizations for WearOS and we’re hoping to have an improved version soon. To answer your question, there isn’t anything different in the way Facer works on Huawei vs. Misfit, but these devices have different hardware/chipset and this can cause the same feature to result in higher/lower battery usage.