Facer drains battery on smartphone

I use smartwatches not all the time. I do not need them at night therefore I turn them off to prolong battery life. But smartphone I do not turn off for night. I noticed the WearOS often drains battery when watches are turned off. After series of experiments and observations I found out the Facer is exact reason. Looks like it tries communicate with turned off watches. The WearOS is the proxy in this communication but it takes more processor life. So… Why not the Facer knows about smartwatch connection state? If the watches are not connected - then at this time Facer MUST NOT communicate with them. The event when watches are connected or disconnected is easily catchable. It is just a Blu-Tooth event which can be catched by BroadcastReceiver. But looks like Facer does not use this. If start Facer app on phone - it will wait for watches connection. But Facer CAN do not this - if there were not connection broadcast event received - then nothing to wait for. If there were not connection broadcast event received - then not needed call any connection functions. This will give good additional battery economy.

I have notifications turned off after a certain time, so my phone will not try to communicate with anything. but I don’t use Wear OS so not sure if the behaviour is different.

I think you need to be careful assuming that because you know how a certain android app lifecycle works, that Facer would be the same. There could be requirements that necessitate this behaviour, that you are completely unaware of.

Hi @GourmetLabs! Could you send this bug report to facer-support@little-labs.com and let me know when it’s done? I’ll make sure to escalate it internally.


Ok, I have sent message to this e-mail.