Facer Facebook page

I saw a message from supposedly Facer yesterday about data entry and good money earnings… Well you know when it’s too good to be true… IT’S A LIE. There were 3 others that signed to to participate w/ supposedly Facer being co-facilitator… As soon as I tuned in and Facer wasn’t anywhere I screen copied the invite and posted it on our FB page that this was a hoax… The Facer FB page was shut down immediately.

When will it be back up. I promoted a 4th of July face not only on my page but in my groups also.
Let me know, Tia,

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I just went to the Facer Facebook Group page and it’s online right now. In the future just report the post to the group admins by clicking the three dots to the top right of the post and selecting the reason you want to report it.