Facer for Gear S3 in Australia

Hi, I cant find Facer companion app anywhere in either Google Play or Samsung app stores. Is there an external link to download an APK or similar you can direct me to?

Hi! Could you look again today? We have been resolving some issues related to the availability of the app in some countries.

No joy still. The link from within the facer app redirects to the web browser, which redirects to the Galaxy store which then sends you back to the Samsung home page on the web browser.

Trying to find “facer”, “facer companion” etc in thr Galaxy store doesnt yield anything more than some games.

Ok - it looks like the changes are still getting propagated. I will update this thread once Samsung confirms this is fixed. Thanks for your patience!

Quick update, it’s working now.

Hi, can you share the APK for the companion app?


No APK. The companion app installs on the Gear S3 from the Galaxy store, not on your phone. Unless you have your watch paired to your phone it won’t display.