Facer for IOS Account

Is there any possibility of providing an account connection from the Facer for IOS app on the iPhone?
I’d also like to purchase faces from developers, but that is not supported on IOS either, most likely related to the fact that you can’t see account-specific faces such as those paid for.

Thanks for a great product!

@Facer_Official Any thoughts about this inquiry? It would open a new market to the face designers if we could purchase paid-faces from an iPhone.

same here… Cant use the Option Menu on IOS… i cant do anything…

cant use Faces with Weather cuz i cant change to Celcius…

Was waiting on this feature as well. Seem like it was coming soon months ago but then never happened.

Me too!

It would be nice, wouldn’t it? I purchased quite a few faces from my Android phone. Now that I have an iPhone I’ve lost all of my purchases. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

@Facer_Official - Any feedback on our inquiry? There are many developers that would benefit from iOS users being able to purchase faces via an account-linked iPhone Facer app. Even if the answer is “no”, we’d know to abandon the request.