Facer for IOS - Accounts

@Facer_Official - Reviving a past discussion that carries a lot of interest, but not much clarification yet. Is there any method being contemplated or workaround that would enable IOS users to purchase premium content? This would benefit the developers by opening a new source of revenue and expand the value of Facer to IOS users. Also, by enabling accounts on iphones, developers should be able to send faces from Creator to their watches for testing when paired with iPhones.

Even if the answer is “no”, please let us know if something is in the works.

Hi @richpdcomm,

Something is definitely in the works to 1) improve the integration with iOS phones, and 2) allow iOS users to access ALL watch faces on Facer. We can’t comment on the release date for these improvements quite yet, but it’s coming soon!

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That’s great news! I understand not being able to comment on specifics, but I’ll look forward to the release.