Facer for IOS Premium

I just updated Facer for IOS 5.0 on iPhone. Update introduces Premium to iPhone. However the app still does not appear to provide premium options to purchase faces. Am I doing something wrong? App is ver on iPhone. Also updated watch companion to 5.0 on Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Hi @richpdcomm!

For iPhone users, you should go to www.facer.io/premium to subscribe. The premium status will transfer over to your iPhone app automatically. The ability to subscribe directly from the iPhone app is coming soon.

Thank you Facer!!!
Subscription completed and I can not only get premium content on my iPhone-Tizen Galaxy Watch but I can send draft faces that i’m working on from Creator to my watch. An added bonus! I’d love to develop more faces but the inability to test draft faces without publishing them was a problem. No longer!
IPhone users rejoice!! This is the best platform for watch face RAD.

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Hello there! I have installed Facer app on my iphone X and also the app on my Gear S3 samsung watch… but i canot set a watch face on my gear s3… when i click send the face to the watch… it says that is sent but the facer app doest response … please tell me how i should resolve this problem

Communication between iPhones and Samsung Gear watches is still a bit of a mystery. When you hit the right combination of events it syncs beautifully. Other times I bang my head against the wall trying to reproduce the setup. I have a variety of watches and have Gear S3 as well as S2 and Galaxy Watch in addition to WearOS and TicWatch). I have Facer for IOS Premium. It’s worth the money! By paying for the premium application the watch can see syncs coming from any device logged in to your Facer account. I’m able to send faces from my Macbook, Windows laptop, iPad and iPhone. Additionally, I design faces and can send drafts from Creator to my watch.
So the issue… there are some tips that Facer offers on the Community site (I’ll see if I can locate the link.)
What I find is this… Make sure that the watch is connected to WiFi. With both Gear App running on the iPhone as well as Facer App, I QUIT the Gear App on the iPhone. This forces the watch into “Standalone” mode. When the stars are aligned, this scenario allows me to synch anything I want to the watch from phone or other devices logged in to my account. Sometimes this doesn’t work. I try a variety of steps including restarting the watch, restarting the iPhone, quitting and restarting Gear and Facer apps on the phone, etc.

I wish I knew a reliable and reproducible method to share with you. Be patient. it will be worth it.


Here’s one of the FAQ links regarding sync problems:

Other FAQs can be found at:

Hi all, I want to buy Facer premium and price showing £14.99 but when I click to buy price goes up £38.99… I don’t know why