Facer freezes on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

On my Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (Gear OS) Facer freezes periodically. I haven’t seen any posts/answers on this forum (the latest appears to be a comment in early 2020…)

I had the same issue on my Galaxy 4 Classic.

This seems to be an on-going issue with Facer… Is there a fix on the horizon???


Restart your watch every time you charge it. That minimizes the freezes on all watches. It used to be really bad when I had a Gear S3 Frontier.


This has been an ongoing problem for quite some time now, definitely needs @Facer_Official to sort it out by now. It’s definitely discouraging a lot of people from using Facer, and even I’m thinking of leaving it alone until it gets a permanent fix :worried:


I agree with @icrltd4 . I don’t know what happened to @Facer_Official but lately it leaves a lot to be desired.
I remember that some time ago the updates to the App were very frequent. Even once a week and they added something decisive.
Lately the updates are very infrequent and it is not known what they do.
They talk about general stability improvements or something like that.
It seems to me that the service is gotten worse