Facer has stopped working

Hi, i have a moto 360 2nd gen with the latest update (both android system and facer app) connected to a Nexus 5x (fully updated, no beta stuff) and the message “Facer has stopped working… ok” constantly appears on my watch making it completly useless.

Every now and then the app just stops working, the time is wrong (stuck on some previous time until it refreshes itself), and sometimes it’s just black screen (I can scroll through the watch menu so it’s only the facer app).

Right now the app is completly useless to me, i cant use an unrealiable time app on a watch; i feel frustated because i even payed for the app (then you made it free a couple of days later) and now i cant use it at all.

if you need a step to reproduce, i just installed facer, set up a watchface, and charge the watch, when coming back from the “charging face” the message appears and facer completely stops.


p.s. please try to ignore the mistakes, i’m not an english speaker.

Hi @fc2909!

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the app. Can you confirm which version you are using?

facer version is 2.1.1_559
android version is 6.0.1
Wear version is
Play services version is 8.7.03

Hi @fc2909! We released Facer 2.2.0 this week - can you check if it fixed your issues? Thanks!