Facer.io/creator on Android?

What just happened to the App on my Tablet.
The new App is very Biased towards Apple and my guess is that represents the least number of designs in the community. I suppose they want us to Beta test it for them so they can sort it out. Still does not fit to my screen format. I thought that was the first task of Debugging to test the screens on different devices. Hey Ho. I did not think the old one was so bad. Not much has changed stuff has just been moved around.

Facer Creator has never worked on my Android tablet.


They’ve been pretty clear that the creator is intended for desktop only. If you’ve ever been able to use it on a tablet it’s not because they ever intended to accommodate that. The only thing I wish I could do on the phone is manage my catalog, such as publishing (including the uploading of promo pics), and replying to comments. That way I could still stay productive when traveling.

But I love the new creator! The creator itself isn’t functionally different (yet) but the cataloging is a huge upgrade! Sorting filters, a working search, these are things I’ve been wishing for a long time. Makes it so much easier managing a large library.

I expect it’s just the beginning of coming upgrades… I hope so :slight_smile:


Yeah. I have not tried to do anything on the Tablet for ages. It is good for little tweeks when I have gone to bed. I used it mostly to keep tabs on the massive number of Syncs I get and Notifications : )