Facer.io Editor Not Working

I’m unable to edit my watch faces or create new ones. When I try to do either, it switches to the editor screen, but I just get the progress bar in the middle indefinitely (its not just slow, I’ve tried leaving it for like an hour - still nothing).

I tried using the Facer Creator application, but my watches don’t show there.

Any ideas?

Which browser do you use?

Mostly Edge, which was working fine with Facer. I’ve just tried Chrome, and its working fine, so I guess the issue is limited to Edge, though why it suddenly stopped working, I don’t know…


@paulh2 @GAUSS Just fyi, we are aware of this issue and are currently working to fix it. Our goal is to release the fix by the end of next week.


Thanks for the update!

Ah,okay. That‘s good to hear!