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I am not quite sure where to post this feedback/recommendation about the Facer.io and Facer app for android/iOS.

I can’t help but to always notice that on the Facer app homepage, they regularly update the featured categories (Spotlight, New & Hot, Top 100, Editors Pick) with watch faces that are only Premium faces. No watch face, in any of the homepage category lists, include any free watch face designs.

  • The ‘Spotlight’ and ‘New & Hot’ categories are only reserved for Facer Partners too, thus making an average designer on Facer pretty difficult to get his watch face displayed anywhere on the homepage.

In the ‘Top 100’ section on the homepage, they only show previews of the top 100 premium designs. You can click on the ‘Top 100’ category displayed on the homepage, and there’s no option to view the top 100 free watch face designs.

  • If you wish to view the Top 100 free watch faces, you will need to navigate to:
    Browse > Top Charts > Premium button > tap ‘Free’.

In business terms, I understand. By displaying only pemium watch face designs, and making the user navigate menus to find free faces, this probably does increase subscription numbers.

I would love to see one category of free watch faces, whether it’s a combination of Editors picks, or Top 100. I believe including just 1 category on the homepage of some free watch faces would encourage, and motivate, non-partners to continue their contribution to Facer’s amazing watch face design collections.
If a designer on Facer is not a partner, is there any big benefits in making your watch faces Premium only? I would think this could ultimately decrease your total number of watch syncs, thus making it more difficult to apply for a Facer Partnership? I like to make an effort in ensuring my watch faces are free; in turn this can increase total syncs and profile traffic & analytics.

I am really curious in thoughts and opinions of both partner and non-partner designs on here!

:disguised_face: Thanks for your time!
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I think you are too much focused on the “traffic” it self. I personally make “premium only” when I want to add a feature useful for myself, like stopwatch or themes, not in expectation of getting many extra syncs.
You noticed that featured and promoted get only premium faces, maybe it is a way to become picked by staff and get the highly sought promotion for you.

Me too would be really interested about opinion of partners, especially some recently partnered creators like OMG, but I guess partners might have some sort of confidentiality agreement about internal topics.