Facer & iOS - How (kinda) I did it

Hi All,

I’ve seen a few posts on the above topic, as I am an iPhone user, an Android watch wearer and a member here, I thought I’d share with you how I am using my Android watch with my iPhone and wearing Facer faces.

First of all, I o"kinda" did it, because I am still pairing my watch with an Android device (a tablet in my case). That’s how I load all the apps I want on the watch and how I synch my new faces to test my designs ( and yours :wink: ).

So, right now, I know I am not solving any of your problems.
But, once your watch is paired with an Android device, you can still pair it with your iPhone via the BLE interfaces. BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is the way you iPhone links with your car so you can play your music on the radio, take call handsfree, etc.

So, once you’ve got a BLE application on the watch (loaded via Google Play and your Android device) and on your phone (loaded via App Store), you just have to pair them together.

Because I thought is was worth the few dollars, I personally purchased Aerlink but I know there are others out there probably doing more or less the same thing:
Aerlink on Google Play
Aerlink on App Store

What does it do?

  1. Sends all notifications from your iPhone to your watch (using your configuration in iOS’ notification centre)
  2. Allows you to control your music (play/pause, stop, forward, back, volume)
  3. Allows you to take or reject calls (calls are taken on the phone)
  4. Allows you to remotely control the shutter of your camera
    –> Little plus, any notification cleared from the Watch is clearer from your iPhone too

The down side I see:
Because Aerlink generates a Bluetooth device ID randomly (I think) for every connection, the pairing is not permanent. So when I wear my watch, I have to repair the two devices together (see bottom of the post for the process I use).

That’s it!
Any question, any remark or enhancement of the way I’ve done it, please share!

How to re-pair Aerlink and Wear together:

  1. On Wear - forget the existing Aerlink Bluetooth device
  2. On iPhone - Open Aerlink application
  3. On Wear - Scan for bluetooth devices and connect to Aerlink
    4 On Wear - Turn on Aerlink in the application itself