Facer iOS Samsung Gear s2 keeps saying please connect to WiFi

Hi I have a problem with Facer
On the gear s2 it says please connect to WiFi
And the problem is that i can’t get a qr code
I have tried everything I deleted the apps from my iPhone
I factory restored my watch I tried reinstalling the Facer
Companion app I reinstalled the gear app and everything is up to date I don’t know what to do

Greetings Ron Kuipers

Try going to settings on your phone, then Bluetooth, then connect to phone that way. Then restart the facer app on your phone and try to connect to the watch again. Then if you are on iPhone like you say it will tell you to tap the watch face 4 times and a QR code will be generated an appear on the watch screen to scan with your phone( within the facer app). That should do it. Let me know it this doesn’t work.

I tried It It doesn’t work but thanks anyway