Facer/iPhone support for the Gear S3


Found your Facer App which rocks, but I have an iPhone which I have connected a Samsung Gear S3 to.

When downloading Facer App from the App Store, I dont get the “Which watch do you wear” The only watch supported is the iWatch.

Question is when will Facer support Samsung Gear 3 for the iPhone :wink:

Thanks in advance

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I have to use at least 20 characters to say…


Like… anyone from support maybe???

Hi @Robenson! Unfortunately, we do not support the iOS/Gear S3 combination today, but we are working on it. Stay tuned!

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Also have Android Wear watch (Huawei Watch) and it doesn’t seem to be supported in IOS app.

Support for IOS app would be very welcome please :smile:

Hi Facer! Yes I would appreciate a lot if you would support Iphone with Gear S3. I don’t want to change my mobile just because of this issue…best regards, Paul

Hi facer, I’m in the same situation about IPhone-Gear S3. this web site have amazing watch faces that I’ll like to use.

Hi Guys,

My understanding of the situation is that it has nothing to do with Facer itself but rather how Apple manages the AppleStore and who can sell on the Apple Store… Buying a watch face on Facer is not exactly the same as a “in-app” purchase on iOS. As such, Apple cannot fully control what is sold…

But I might be totally wrong.

Anyways, this is how I managed the situation myself.
I know it doesn’t really solve your problem, but it works well. And it works well for more than just Facer…


When the application compatible with ios wich mean gear s3 with ios

When the Facer for iOS will support the Samsung Gear S3??? Thanks!

Hi Facer! Yes I would appreciate a lot if you would support Iphone with Gear S3

Is there not a way for a registered user on Facer to be able to push a watch face they like and/or purchase using the web interface instead of a phone with bluetooth to their watch like the Samsung S3? Why must there be always a need for a companion app on a given phone to push a watch face to the watch? This would be so simple. The Facer app on the watch could authenticate the user and use wifi to download the watches saved in the user’s account. I love Facer and have an S3 but also an iPhone - and I cannot get any Facer watches on my watch because Facer does not have a companion app on iPhone for anything other than apple watch.This has to be fixed, one way or another.

When the Facer for iOS will support the Samsung Gear S3??? Thanks!

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Hi Facer,
Waiting for very long time to have Facer for IOS support SS Gear s3 :frowning: pls let us know when this feature available?


Hi all,

We’re working on it and hope to be able to share some good news with you all soon! In the meantime, you should be able to use the Daily Mix directly on your watch. For more details see https://medium.com/little-labs/introducing-daily-mix-a-fun-new-way-to-discover-watch-faces-on-facer-be1e30359d8b

Thanks for your patience!

Hi Facer,

Any updates with regards to this issue yet? Hope you can fix this as soon as possible. Thanks!

Best regards

my collectionhttps://www.facer.io/user/J8eAkD5ccv

Any updates regarding this issue? Is there a projected time where the Facer app for iOS may include the Gear S3 watch or maybe another separate app that provides this option?

Still waiting!!!