Facer keeps doing whatever it wants, Please Help!

Ever since I updated to tizen 5.5 facer just decides to make its own decisions,
I use always on display, and usually when I lift the watch up it’ll take like 1 second to show, but sometimes it decides to take 3 to 4 seconds. So then I thought, I will just turn aod off.
I then realized that the second hand was moving exactly when I lifted it up, which was pretty cool, because there is always a delay until… i lifted it up and it took 4 seconds to show me the face, and it did that for a while until I waited and then it stopped, and it just constantly does that,

to sum it up, it seems like facer just does whatever it wants at random times, someone please help!

That seems unusual. I cannot help because I do not have Tizen, but if you do not get helpful replies here maybe you should email the support staff.

I imagine that they will want to know the full version numbers for your operating systems on phone and watch along with the various apps on the phone and watch.