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I have contacted Facer support more than once now, because Facer since the last 3 versions is a battery sponge.
Latest update decreased battery drain a bit but it’s still around the 10% drain per hour, which is completely unusable…
Using the watch in airplane mode stops the excessive drain, which tells me that the graphical engine is not to blame but rather the way or number of times that the app communicates between the watch and the phone and vice versa.
The watch itself is not to blame either because using a similar watchface with another watchface provider drains a lot less, between 5% and 7% maximum with normal everyday use.

Agreed! I opened a ticket with support 7 days ago and haven’t heard anything yet. The latest updates SUCK when it comes to battery life. I can use the default faces with my Ticwatch S and use 5% or less per hour, but it jumps up to 10-12% when I apply a display from Facer.

Hey guys,

Thanks a lot for the reports and sorry about these issues. We are actively investigate and getting closer to a fix. Hoping we can get this solve early this week. Stay tuned!


Latest Beta update seems to finally solve the issue, in 2h30 the battery watch only decreased 15%, which is within normal parameters.


@JBolho That’s great news!

Everybody else on this thread - can you download the beta we just rolled out and see if it solves your battery problems? To enroll into the beta, go to https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.jeremysteckling.facerrel. The version that includes the battery optimizations is 4.5.5_5748_beta.

6 hours have passed since I took the watch out of the charger, I’m doing my normal everyday usage, spent 37%.
So at least in my case, I confirm the battery issue is gone.

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@JBolho which watch do you use? we want to make sure we gather as much data as possible on which models are now fixed and which may still have issues. Thanks!

My watch is the Fossil Q Founder 2.0, Android Wear fully updated (2.8.0)
I use the Always On Display, have animations disabled on Facer and Weather sync every 3 hours.

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