@Facer_Official Request For New Device Tag

Is there any way we could get a new device Tag? I use the #ZMANU# tag a lot to separate the time zone tag #Dz# between WearOS and Tizen. With the new Galaxy 4 watch being WearOS that won’t work with it and older Tizen Galaxy watches since the #Dz# will not function on Tizen except when it’s in ambient mode. Could a tag something like #ZOSYS# be made up so we could use $#ZOSYS#==tizen?0:100$, or should we just not even try to make faces to include both Tizen and WearOS?

I’m afraid I’m going to start getting complaints on my new watch faces where I filter Samsung and then things I’ve done start malfunctioning on the Galaxy 4 Watch.

Thank You for your time!


Very interesting topic my friend …

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