Facer on Allcall W1

I’m new here; started today.
I discovered FACER and I like it.
I created my own watchface. But My Watch AllCall W1 is not listed.
How can i get my personalized watch face on this watch?
I uploaded faces with succes from other sides.
So it might be possible for this face too.
Tips welcome.



Hi and welcome here.

When you open the facer.io Website and klick the green button “Explore the collection” you will get a search window on the upper right.

Write your Username and you will get on another page with your watch face(-s). There you will find a round, green button to sync it.

Or - simply follow that link:

Another way is to klick here on your Userbutton and follow the link to your Facer-Profile in the upcoming Information-window.


Phantasico aka GAUSS

Hi there,
I didn’t manage to get anything on my allcall w1
Facer, wear, tizer,… Nothing works… Always the same thing, could not install on your watch…
What am I doing wrong?