Facer on GEAR S3

Hi, just got my Gear S3 and installed facer on it. All works so far. I have synced a watch face too and all good. Question for support: When I send a watch face to facer on the gear s3 it works but my previous facer watch face disappears, are you limited to one watch face on the device ? If not how do I access other facer faces on the device. By the way I am using an faver on an iphone to send the watch faces.

You have to “Triple-Click” on your Facer-Screen on the S3. If you hold your Finger on your Screen you can only sSwitch between the Facer and the normal Samsung Watch Faces. But when the Facer Screen is selected and you push it 3 Times in a Row, then you can switch between the Facer Watch Faces only.

Many Thanks mc-blitz, just tried that and it works. Have a nice new year.:evergreen_tree:

fxv300 on Youtube

Any idea how to purchase a new face from the Facer App?