Facer on huawei watch gt 1

Hello, is it possible to install facer on huawei watch gt 1?

Yes. No problem. The Huawei GT 1 is running with WearOS.

Ok, I can’t install it, the app says it was unable to found my watch or how do I install the app in the watch? Can you help me?

You have to install wearOS and the facer app on your smartphone, then the facer app at your smartwatch (via google store) after that you have to pair them. Follow the instructions in the facer app on your smartphone. (Watch select…) Check if bluetooth is activated on both devices. If you have any further questions feel free to ask. Greetings, GAUSS.

Still can’t find the way to install Facer app on the watch, I downloaded wearOS on my phone. I don’t have google store on my watch

Maybe the name google store is wrong… but you do have a store access at your smartwatch. In that store you have to search for the facer app.

Name is: Play store, sorry…

I don’t have a store app on my watch :frowning:

??? Your watch is completely installed and running, isn‘t it? And we speak about the Huawei GT1, not the GT 2?

I really don‘t know how to help you. Maybe you should google the watch, the system, app and/or facer install and such keyword. Or you search for a youtube instruction video.

You definetely have to learn about your smartwatch and it‘s functions, this is neccessary.

Anyone else has an idea how to help?

@cperez.navarrete No this app nor any other app meant for use with WEAR and Tizen OS smart watches will not work for the Huawei GT series of watches since the GT 1 and GT 2 uses Huawei’s own proprietary OS and not WEAR OS. Only Huawei Watch 1 series, Huawei Watch 2 series and Huawei Watch Sport series work with this app.

I have the same problem facer will not connect to my Huawei GT-F31

Huawei GT1, GT2 and GT2e all run Huawei’s LiteOS, and Facer doesn’t support it yet. Facer only supports the Huawei “Watch”, “Watch for women”, “Watch 1” and “Watch 2”.