Facer on Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm BT) Laggy

Greetings everyone.

New to Facer on the Galaxy Watch, and i’ve downloaded quite a few watch faces, both free and premium, and have found that the animations to be quite laggy and not smooth. Most noticeable in the seconds hand in most watch faces. Is this a known issue? I would have thought the Galaxy Watch would be powerful and capable enough to handle the Facer watchfaces. I don’t have this issue with native watchfaces or WatchMaker watchfaces.



I am currently wearing a Galaxy Watch with Facer as my primary source of faces. I haven’t seen any issues with animations or other processor-intensive faces. I’ve also had great success running Facer on Samsung Gear S3 and S2 (in addition to other WearOS watches.)

One consideration to investigate may be other apps that are running on the watch. I’ve found some that cause increased battery drain and performance issues. Removing them resolved the issues. I’d recommend removing other apps one at a time and re-testing the FACER faces. I also use Battery Graph to track power consumption of various apps that are problematic.

Overall, I find my Galaxy Watch to be the best smart watch I’ve owned (including several WearOS, TicWatch2 and Apple Watch) and Facer is my favorite face environment.

Good luck with your watch and I hope you’re able to resolve the issue.

thanks very much for the input and suggestions - I’ve gone ahead and deleted a lot of apps I had installed and really only have Facer, WatchMaker, and Spotify installed.

Facer still not behaving and animations still sluggish and laggy. They seem to be most prominent on watchfaces by GAUSS, MD, and others which seem to be processor-intensive.

I’m thinking whether I’m going to need to do a hard factory reset.

P.S. I’m currently running the BSA4 firmware.

Hi @hieu85 , I too have a galaxy gear s3, and in past experienced it being laggy, i did monitor the amount of apps running , but what helps the most is I reboot it every once in awhile and that helps ALOT. its not Facer thats lagging it out…its just that it needs rebooted.

Makes sense. Rebooting is probably a good idea on a regular basis. I’m not sure how well Samsung manages memory leaks or idle processes that may be started during normal use.
Let us know if the reboot helps.
It may be that you’ve already tried a reboot (shut down and then restart) BEFORE you do a full factory reset.
If necessary, make a list of your watch faces, settings and apps before the factory reset. It should make reinstalling much easier if it comes to that.

Hi. Well, some of my watch faces, the ones with a lot of customization features, do use more watch memory but normally that shouldn’t affect the performance of the chipset. It could take some time while loading due to the filesize and the first start is sometimes a little bit laggy. But most users don‘t seem to have problems. The „Chamaeleon“ is working fine even on my old Huawei Classic.

hmmm, it’s strange then… I’ve rebooted my watch as well as done a factory reset. But no matter what, most of the Facer watchfaces are very laggy. Especially noticeable with the seconds hand. The animation is not smooth on the watch, compared to the preview on the phone’s Facer app.

That is strange.
Like Phantasico, I run Facer on a variety of both newer and older watches (Gear S2, Gear S3, Galaxy Watch, TicWatch2, Huawei Watch1, LG Urbane 2nd Edition) and Facer seems to run well on all of those (some paired to iPhone and others to Android.)

One question… is your Galaxy Watch a standalone or cellular model? The cellular models may run a different Tizen version based upon the cellular provider. I previously had two Verizon watches and was frustrated at their hit and miss support and delays in providing updates from the OS. Grasping at straws unless someone else has another idea… possibly even consider replacing the watch if still possible. If cellular, try turning off the cellular service (although this wouldn’t resolve any software update issues.)

FYI… Samsung sent out a new watch update earlier this week.
Tizen is still, but the version is more important than the Tizen version. The software version is R800XXU1BSA4 on my standalone watch. Cellular models would have a different version.

Thanks so much for the input guys.

I don’t think this warrants a replacement (well I don’t think Samsung service reps would believe so) because watch faces from watchmaker and also native Tizen watch faces work fine.

I’ve got the non-LTE 46mm watch and I’ve been on the BSA4 software for a few weeks now.

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I know this topic is old but I’m having exactly the same problem with the Galaxy Watch… I just got the watch yesterday and any watch face with animations and analog second hands, are very laggy and annoyingly choppy. This is driving me crazy because I replace a Huawei Watch 2 I had and I never experience lag and every watch face was running smoothly on that watch. I thought that Samsung will be very powerful but I’m not sure now. It could be a faulty one but is hard to believe that’s the case. :woozy_face:

Using galaxy watch and the animations kinda choppy. There might be some limitations to the firmware.

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I think so too… I guess Facer eventually will update the app for Samsung performance. Samsung is the biggest watch market after Apple Watch so, it will great if they improve the app for Tizen OS…

Same here. This is 2023 already. Watch 5 pro bt And i just uninstalled Facer because of that. It’s an annoying delay right after you turn your wrist: the screen goes on and the watch shows an earlier hour, then after a second or so it updates the display and shows the correct hour and, finally, the seconds pointer moving. Terrible. I even designed by own watch face but turned it down because of this.

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Shame . @moreira.jf . There is a blip where the Shutdown screen shows on Wake . It is much shorter than you discribe . You will see that from comments on this Community that Reeboot ing your watch now and again to clear the Cashe is a good Idea . I keep only a few Faces on my watch in an attempt to not overload the memory . Some more complex Faces tak a bit longer to get going . Have another go some time . make sure you have the latest updates . on the phone and the watch .

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