Facer on Tizen, hate it

I’m really hating Tizen. My new S3 is extremely difficult to sync faces. Most of mine have animations or tons of layers. It says syncing, then optimizing, and finally placing gears. However the new face never shows up. I try syncing multiple times in a row and it never completes. I can only seem to sync the simplest faces.

Hey @eradicator09! Which version of the S3 do you have? is it an LTE model?

Hey @eradicator09 ! for your peace of mind it seems that the new design would come with wear OS!
This could revolutionize @Facer_Official and design new faces!

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Model SM-R765V
I think it is LTE, but I only have it connected to Blutooth

It is an LTE model indeed. Even when LTE is not enabled, these watches have less memory available than the non-LTE ones, which can cause issues with Facer. We’re aware of it and working on improving the situation. We may reach out to you directly to test a few things with us.


Well @eradicator09, I was joking, but now I can feel the pain according to this (in)official information … especially for you as animation guru after the accident with your last smartwatch…

I am sorry! Is there still a possibility to send the S3 back in your case?

However, one thing I like about S3 a lot is the display integration in the watch body - simply beautiful.