Facer Pemium all free?

if i buy Facer Premium are all Faces free included the official Brands ?


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I believe so - all of the faces available from the Facer App available under the Premium subscription. One can also buy Facer faces in the Samsung Galaxy Store - I don’t know if these are covered - I suspect not but someone else might know for sure.

OK first thanks for the answer.
But now I have bought Facer Premium and everything is free except the official brands like Star Trek or Ghostbusters.
They all still have a price and I can only have one preview

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Sorry, I don’t know about that. Hopefully someone else who knows will chime in. In the meantime you could sent an email to the offical Support people or raise a support request:

send and email to: Facer-support@little-labs.com

i will do this.

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