Facer Platform Update: On-The-Fly optimization of faces

Hi all!

We’re very excited to announce we have rolled out significant under-the-hood changes to the Facer Platform today. These updates will drastically improve the experience for all Facer users and designers.

Changes you can expect from this update:

  • 2-3x faster watch face loading in mobile app
  • 2-3x faster watch face syncing from phone/web to watch
  • Improved stability for S2/S3 users that were experiencing the “Stuck in Optimizing / Stuck at 75%” issue (**see note below)
  • Overall improvement in memory usage of Facer on all phones and watches

The even better news is that this applies to all watch faces hosted on the Facer platform and is effective immediately. If you are a designer, you have strictly nothing to do - all your existing designs take advantage of this update right now, and all your new ones will as well, completely transparently.

** Note: for Gear S2/S3 users, this optimization will be further improved by an update to the app we are going to be releasing in the next few days in the Gear App Store. Lots of goodies coming your way!

Thanks everyone for being part of the growing Facer community. Looking forward to releasing more cool updates in the next few days. Stay tuned!

~The Facer crew


thanks - doesnt seem to have made too much difference for my s3 - i will keep trying
ah just saw your note please ignore i will wait more

Definitely let us know which watch face is causing trouble for you and we can look into it. This platform update + the upcoming new version of the app for Gear should solve 99% of the issues.