Facer, PLEASE Allow Us To Turn On Inspection Mode Again

@Facer_Official Please give us back the ability to turn on inspection mode on unpublished faces. Keeping it off until being published will slow if not stop designers from showing others how to do things inside of their watchface drafts. Keeping it off by default until being published will hurt the community as a whole!

Reinstate Draft Inspection Mode
  • Who else agrees on this issue?

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Hey @mrantisocialguy they moved it to this button (when editing a draft):


then you get a popup:


I hadnā€™t found that but did notice that inspection was on by default for drafts now without needing to enable it each new draft.

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It would be really nice if @Facer_Official would mention stuff like this instead of forcing people to fumble around looking for it. I would have never thought to look there for it.


@mrantisocialguy. I would give you my vote on this but I only have two now. I could not Find in the MANUAL how to get more.
Such a waste of time all the Fummbling About. Hopefully this Topic will help others to find it easier.

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I may be wrong, but I was under the assumption that it got renewed each month. Probably to keep people from artificially running up numbers on a poll.

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OK. Cool so you got my Vote. One left now. Maybe if I invoke @Facer_Official on this one we could get an answer about getting more votes. I would not be surprised if it is a merit based thing controlled by our humourless Marvin ( Bot ).