Facer Please Fix Some Basic Problems First

Before we get Dancing Frogs . Can we please get some Basic Creator Fixed . Just for starters Please Fix the Wind Speed slider . Just change a Couple of numbers in the Java I reckon .
Perhaps others will join in and Flag up some Howlers Like the Onboard Weather Icon MIST.


Change the way selection works or at least so one doesnt need to cancel AND undo after accidentally grabbing and moving a shape or text or whatever. Plus what @russellcresser said above.
Dare I mention ‘stroke’ ?

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I just got a message saying that they’re on it, and that everything should be addressed in the coming weeks.

Hehe, just kidding.



Ive had a look at some of the 3D watchfaces they have made till now and all i can say is the regulars on here can, have and do make better faces without polygons and fancy effects that no one will use for long. Anybody who has used Powerpoint will understand and recognise that the more effects you use the more amateur it looks. I think that facer missed a chance by not fixing the basics first.

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I wonder how much money Facer makes from people who don’t give a Shit How Creator works . I somtimes think Face is an Open Platform Superficialy . I have worked a bit with Arduino and the BBC Microbit Wonderfull Platforms . I have never spent a Penny on them .