Facer plus abonnement

Ik heb een jaar abonnement genomen op facer maar moet nog steeds voor alles betalen?
Iemand een idee wat ik hieraan kan doen?

Groeten Tammy.
Ps happy newyear :clinking_glasses:

English Translation:
I have subscribed to facer for a year but still have to pay for everything?
Anyone an idea what I can do about this?

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Did you purchase Facer Plus or Facer Premium?

These are different products.

Plus removes ads from the Facer app and allows 20 instead of 10 faces in your watchbox. AFAIK Plus is a once-off purchase.

To get access to all faces you need to subscribe to Premium. This gives you access to all faces for the duration of the subscription period.

If you did purchase Premium and not Plus and still don’t have access to all faces, I suggest that you contact Facer support:

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thanks for your reply and link.
i bought premium for 1 year.
I’ll see if I can progress through the link!

It is somewhat confusing.
What is Facer Plus? – How can we help?

:+1: Hoop jy kom reg.
Groete van Suid-Afrika :slightly_smiling_face:

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En groeten vanuit NL :wink:

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