Facer Plus price?

Hello world! :wave:

I would like to know the price (one shot if I have well understand), of **facer plus**. I've found Facer premium price (month and annual), but nowhere here the same information about **plus**... or not able to find it.

And I've also tried to begin the process on my phone to see how much google will take me but the page then give me the information about what I get and not how many it cost ans after I get the popup saying me that I have no chance to cancel the price (always unknow) and that I agree to drop my right to cancel... well...

Thank you in advance for your lights!


Facer Plus is a one time only cost to remove outside advertising from the phone app.


I think it is about Β£4.50 Lifetime Payment . Set it on Mobile App settings . Mine is Broken right now Little Labs are Fixing it I hope .


Thank-you, it’s done :grinning: :