Facer Plus Purchase Issue

Hi guys,

I am rumning the latest version of Facer and have purchase the Plus version during last week.

The app recognizes me as signed in but does not recognize me as a plus user.

SOMETIMES if Im lucky it will suddenly recognize me after 10minutes of browsing.

It is really frustrating. Please help

Please see this page: https://help.facer.io/hc/en-us/categories/360000024933-Purchases.
If that does not help please log a support request with the Facer guys at:


Just out of curiosity

Is the issue when browsing the homepage/faces or browsing the community, say, the showcase catagory?

I ask because on the homepage, everything works great but, when the partners post in the showcase category, if I try to sync it asks me to sign up, so I have to go to their profile on the homepage and find the watchface